The Carlyles | Kansas City Wedding

YOU. GUYS. I am SOOOOOO excited to be sharing this post with you! We just got back all of our wedding photos and I am OBSESSED! Our wedding photographer, Alyssa Barletter Photography, did such an amazing job capturing the essence of our wedding day - it was so full of emotion, laugher and happiness. Looking through the photos, I can’t help but smile and cry the happiest tears.

So today, I’m just sharing some behind the scenes of our wedding - for all you babes that have followed along with the planning process and for anyone who just loves weddings as much as I do! So… without further ado… For the first time on this blog, I introduce you to Mr. & Mrs. Carlyle!

The Carlyles | Kansas City Wedding

The Carlyles | Kansas City Wedding

Getting Ready at Hotel Phillips

We hosted our families, wedding party and guests at Hotel Phillips in Kansas City for our wedding weekend, including our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Logan and I each had our wedding party in respective suites to get ready the day of. It provided the perfect amount of space and great lighting for hair and makeup on my end and photos for both.

The Carlyles | Kansas City Wedding

After the guys were ready, they jumped into a limo from Showtime Transportation and headed over to Boulevard Brewing Company for a couple of drinks before getting their formal photos.


The Ceremony

Our coordinator, Ali from Brick & Ivory Events, and florist, Awesome Blossoms, perfectly brought my wedding day vision to life and then some! Every detail was utterly perfect and came together to make our venue, Magnolia Venue and Urban Garden, look like a greenery garden haven.

Getting ready to walk down the aisle… it was a feeling that I don’t think I can accurately explain. It was so full of emotion - excitement, love, anxiety, eagerness, but yet a feeling of comfort all at the same time. I was so anxious to see Logan, I actually had them start the wedding earlier than planned (we had planned on starting 10 minutes late to get any late arrivals in!) We had chosen not to see each other until I walked down the aisle, so I felt the need to see him in my bones all day. And then the music started planning and it started happening so fast! All of a sudden, my last bridesmaid was walking down and the music was changing to the song I would walk down to. My dad was holding my hand while I started shaking. Ali opened the doors for the flower girls to go.

And then, just like that, we were up. The door opened again and we stepped out. My dad looked at me and said, “You ready, kiddo?” And we started walking.

The Carlyles | Kansas City Wedding
The Carlyles | Kansas City Wedding

The moment I turned the corner to walk down the aisle and Logan came into view was the best moment of my life. If I could relive that second every second for the rest of my life, I would never be bored of it! Growing up, I always dreamed that this would be how my husband would look at me when I walked down the aisle.

The Carlyles | Kansas City Wedding
The Carlyles | Kansas City Wedding

Ladies - get yourself a man who is this happy to see you on your wedding day!

The Carlyles | Kansas City Wedding

Our ceremony was absolutely, perfectly US. There were lots of tears, a whole lot of emotions and absolutely beautiful sentiments. We chose to ask our friend, Victor, to be our officiant and he KILLED IT. Victor has been friends with Logan since elementary school and when Logan and I started dating, we became fast friends as well. It was so special for both Logan and I to have him say the things he did about us and be the person to marry us - it’s always going to be a decision that we are so happy we made because of how personal our ceremony was.

The Carlyles | Kansas City Wedding

Logan and I made the decision to write our own vows for one another - again, we wanted our wedding to be as personal as possible! Again, a decision I will forever be glad that we made. You see, Logan is a man of few words and definitely tends to not express his emotions very often. Where, on the other hand, I am the absolute most expressive person you could ever meet - haha! So when I initially asked Logan if we could write our own vows, he was not on board. But, after we talked through why it was important to me, he eventually got more into the idea than I was even! Hearing him speak about why he loved me up there in front of everyone who we love was so incredibly powerful for me. And I loved getting to make lifelong promises to him that I knew truly mattered in our relationship as well. I know writing your own vows isn’t for everyone, but I absolutely encourage you to consider it!

Another personalization that we threw in - we had my mother read a blessing! I grew up in a Lutheran household, and my faith has always been an important part of my life. However, we specifically chose not to have a particularly religious ceremony. But, to incorporate my main man, Big G, into it, my mother asked if we would have a prayer and we asked her if she would do it, since she was the main driver of my faith.

And then, Victor announced it! Mr. & Mrs. Logan Carlyle!

The Carlyles | Kansas City Wedding

Our Reception

After some family and bridal party photos below (since we didn’t do a first look, we had to do quite a few photos in between! Luckily, our photographer, Alyssa, kept everyone on track and moving while our coordinator, Ali, got everyone inside and enjoying the cocktail hour! We then did our entrance!

The order of our reception was:

  1. Bridal Party Entrances

  2. First Dance

  3. Dinner Served

  4. MOH & Best Man Speeches

  5. Father of the Bride Speech

  6. Father Daughter Dance

  7. Mother Son Dance (During which Logan was the absolute sweetest and coordinated with his brother so he could dance with both his mom and step mom, who he absolutely adores! He was SET on doing this if he did a mother/son dance, which just makes me love him more!)

  8. PARTY!

Our reception was EVERYTHING, ya’ll! So much fun (even though I spent part of it sick from nerves!) Everyone had such a blast and the speeches were the best I’ve ever heard (I know I’m bias but whatever!)

The Carlyles | Kansas City Wedding

Our Wedding Party

The Carlyles | Kansas City Wedding

We had the most AMAZING wedding party in the entire world, ya’ll! And aren’t they absolutely gorgeous!?

Our Family

We can’t thank our families enough for all that they’ve done over the past year to make our wedding day this perfect! Our hearts are both so full of love for them!


Ya’ll! And then we were married! AHHH! I can’t believe it. Be sure to check out Our Story to read about the past 5 years that got us here and check out our engagement photos (as well was get tips to rock your own!)

The Carlyles | Kansas City Wedding

Want more photos?

If you LOVE weddings as much as I do, and can’t get enough of these GORGEOUS pictures by the talented Alyssa Barletter Photography of our Kansas City Wedding, make sure to check out our couple album below!

The Carlyles Wedding Photos
Meet Our Wedding Party


Ya’ll, I can’t thank you all enough for all of your love and support over the past year as we planned! Having all of your excitement alongside us has meant the world and I adore this beautifully hearted community! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being along this ride with us!

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And if you just love weddings, make sure to do the same because I’ll be sharing our actual vows, our amazing MOH and Best Man’s speeches, my dad’s AMAZING father of the bride speech and more!

Chelsea Carlyle (AHHH!)