The Carlyles - Our Story

Our Story

Hi loves!

I want to introduce you all to my wonderful fiance, Logan, as he’ll be featured in a lot of my wedding planning posts, is my “man behind the camera” and has unofficially been named CFO of my blog (I hate math).

Since I’ll be focusing a lot of blog posts on our wedding over the next year, I wanted to share our story with you so maybe you’ll all fall in love with him just like I did and can share in our excitement as we plan the wedding of our dreams! *mushy gushy alert*

Oh, and yes, the date of our wedding is finally at the bottom of this post!

The Carlyles - Our Story


Our story begins before we ever met. In December 2013, my Papa passed away after a short battle with cancer. Following his death, I prayed every night for months to have just a part of him back. I believe that in the following months, those prayers were answered when the series of events that led to my meeting Logan kicked off. In January 2014, I took a marketing internship at the hospital in the town where I was attending my senior year of college and Logan had grown up. Little did I know, I would be working with my future sister-in-law, Tara! That February, Tara introduced Logan and I for the very first time. And while it didn’t instantly kick off due to Logan attending college in another state, that meeting stuck with the two of us over the next few months.

When the school year ended in May, Logan came back to Warrensburg for the summer where I had decided to spend the summer while looking for my first real job. That May, Logan reached out to me again. From the moment we first began talking, we became inseparable. Logan and I have shared our laughs, love, travels, interests and lives together. Four years, three fur babies and a home later, we took the trip that would kick off the rest of our lives.


In January 2018, Logan text me out of the blue with a flight confirmation and “Happy Birthday!” We were heading to Iceland in May for my birthday present, or so I thought. Over the next few months, I began planning a perfect vacation while Logan was secretly planning a perfect proposal. On May 5th, we were off! Nearly 24 hours after leaving our three fur babies at home, we finally landed in Iceland and began our vacation. Starting with a relaxing morning in the Blue Lagoon and ending the day with a nap, a movie and a full night’s rest, I had no clue what was in store the next morning and was excitedly preparing for a full day of hiking.

May 7th started out with one of my favorite things, a trip to a local coffee shop. From there, Logan drove us out to Thingvellir National Park and our day of hiking began. Despite the rain, we enjoyed the gorgeous scenery, local history and a car picnic. Nearing the end of the day, Logan insisted upon going back out to the canyon where two continental plates come together, the only place in the world where you can stand on two plates. Cold and soaked from the rain, and frustrated that we had already seen it and were running late for our dinner reservations, I reluctantly followed him.

As Logan paced back and forth, I urged him to head back to the car to warm up and get ready for dinner. Finally, Logan asked to take one last selfie together in front of the scenery before we went back to the car – the last photo we would take as boyfriend and girlfriend. (It’s not a good photo.) Logan then dropped to one knee and I instantly burst into tears. As Logan began his speech, all I could do was cry and nod yes. Seriously, I cried for the next few hours.

Icelandic Proposal
Proposal Moment

When he was finally able to put the ring on—I was shaking so hard from the cold and excitement—he waved to someone and I realized that he had hired a photographer! The thought and preparation that he had put into such a gorgeous and special proposal instantly hit me and the tears started all over again (and quite frankly didn’t stop for about four hours!) Once I was able to compose myself, we spent the next hour exploring the park and taking photos to capture the beautiful day. Calling our parents, siblings and best friends was beyond special for us. But, for me, Facetiming with my Nana brought our story so far full circle.

When we announced our engagement to her over Facetime, Nana instantly burst into tears and told us how she had prayed for that moment every night. At that moment, hearing about her prayers, I couldn’t help but think back to the prayers that I said four years ago, asking for a piece of my Papa back.

Papa - Our Story

So many qualities that make Logan the man he is, remind me of my Papa. His demeanor, his kind heart, his supportive nature—my prayers were answered. Maybe my Papa pulled a couple strings with the big guy to send this wonderful man my way.


After months of touring venues and going back and forth about the type of wedding we want to have, we finally booked with Magnolia Venue and Urban Garden in Kansas City! We are so excited to share our wedding planning journey with you all and to start the adventure of a lifetime on…

SEPTEMBER 1, 2019!

Iceland Proposal - How We Got Engaged