Garden Party Bridal Shower Guide

Hey there, gal pals!

Boy… I could not be later on this recap/guide! July was so incredibly crazy between work travel and changes, blog partnerships, my bachelorette and wedding planning - it’s been NUTS and so, so busy. But in the most #blessed way.

But looking back, I feel so grateful, blessed and surrounded by love following my two showers. They were the most beautiful, incredible and fun days, and I’m so thankful to everyone who had a hand in planning them, who was there to celebrate with me, and who couldn’t be there but thought of me and sent their well wishes.

My two showers were very “garden romantic” brunch types, but unique in their own ways. In today’s blog post, I’m sharing photos from each shower, giving some behind the scenes details, and providing a couple of tips to throw the bride in your life the most amazing garden party bridal shower!

Because we have so many amazing people in our life from all over, I decided with our families to have two showers - one in Saint Louis (where I’m from) and one in Kansas City (where we live and where Logan’s family is from).

Garden Party Bridal Shower Guide

Garden Party Bridal Shower

Here are my tips for throwing a garden party bridal shower:

  1. Keep drinks light and refreshing (and keep some water on hand!)

  2. Have light hors d'oeuvres on hand to keep guests happy without being too full.

  3. Plan an area for lounging in the shade - it can get warm out there!

  4. Keep the wind in mind when planning for trash cleanup!

  5. Flowers, flowers, flowers - the perfect decor for any garden party!

  6. Set the stage for photos - it’s a day you’ll all want to remember.

  7. Theme your take home gift (check out my bouquet bar below!)

I’m so excited to share a couple of pictures and details of my showers with you guys below - check it out!

A Gorgeous Cake

For my Saint Louis Bridal Shower, I couldn’t have had a more gorgeous cake! And it was absolutely delicious as well! I absolutely suggest having something sweet at your garden party to end it on a sweet note!

Garden Party Bridal Shower Cake
Garden Party Cake

The Perfect Backdrop

I loved the gorgeous backdrop at my Kansas City shower - it was perfect for the setting and provided a great opportunity to snag photos with all the girls there!

Light Snacks

Both of my showers featured the most amazing spreads of hor'doeuvres for the guests! Check out some of the snacks we had below!

Bouquet Bar

One of my favorite things was the fun bouquet bar that my aunt set up at my Saint Louis bridal shower! It was such a fun, unique, interactive little take-home gift for all of our guests. And everyone was SO in love with it!

Tell me below - do you want to see a guide to making your own bouquet bar!?

Bridal Shower Bouquet Bar
Make Your Own Bouquet Bar | Bridal Shower Garden Party

Gorgeous Table Setting

My Kansas City shower table setting couldn’t have been more gorgeous! It was the definition of a garden shower table!

Garden Party Table Setup
Garden Party Bridal Shower Table Setting
Garden Party Favors

The BEST People

And last but not least, I was surrounded by the best by the best!

What other questions do you have about throwing a Garden Party Bridal Shower do you have? What unique ideas did you do? Let me know in the comments below!


Bridal Shower Garden Party Guide