5 Things Nobody Tells You About Your Bachelorette Party

Hey my fellow brides-to-be, and happy #WeddingWednesday!

If you’ve been following along, you know that I went on my bachelorette party a few weekends ago. It was the most incredible, fun, hilarious, wild, long, weird weekend of my life and I 100% wish I could re-live it time and time again!

Over the past few years, I’ve had the honor of planning/being involved in the planning of multiple friends’ bachelorette parties, and now having experienced my own, I’m so excited to be sharing that wholistic experience with all of you!

Today, I want to chat with you about a couple of the things that I’ve learned about being the bride on your bachelorette party.

5 Things Nobody Tells You About Your Bachelorette Party

When you talk about your bachelorette party, everyone tells you how fun it will be, that there is bound to be some drama (note - there was NONE on mine, so let’s chat how to pick the people you’ll be bringing with you!) They talk about how much work goes into it (lol but you won’t understand until you plan it).

You’ll think about what outfits you’ll wear. What pictures you’ll want to take. You’ll talk with your girls about the places you want to eat and the games you’re going to play. But there is so much more that nobody ever talks about. So I’m sharing the 5 things that surprised me. The 5 things nobody tells you about your bachelorette party.

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  1. Being the bride on a bachelorette party is EXHAUSTING. While you’re having so much fun with all the ladies you love most in this world, you are also expending so much energy trying to give your attention to everyone. Truthfully, you never feel as though you can step away because everyone has done so much for you! I’m here to tell you… it is OKAY to step away and have some alone time. If you’ve read my bachelorette party recap post, you know that on Day 3, I took some time for myself to breath and regroup. And truthfully, I think all my girls were happy that they had the chance to as well.

  2. Bachelorette parties are EXPENSIVE. Okay, you are sitting there being like, DUH. But I think it’s so important to be called out as you are preparing for your own. Be mindful of what your tribe is spending on this one weekend for you. Yes - this is your time to be spoiled and feel special, the only bachelorette party you hope to ever have. But keep in mind that your girls may. be on a budget. Don’t force them to overspend by setting too high of expectations for what you want done.

  3. This is a vacation for your girls as well. When planning, I asked everyone what they were wanting to do, if there were any restaurants that they wanted to visit and what they wanted to get out of it. As we were out and about, if some of my ladies wanted to go back to the house and rest up, I told them to go for it. The ladies on the trip with you have taken PTO, spent money and are spending time away from their families to be with you. It’s important to remember that and do your best to ensure they are enjoying themselves to the max as well.

  4. Small groups reigns supreme. Okay, so I had a group of 10 including myself. But it was the PERFECT number! People were able to split up into small groups, stay in a large group and everyone was able to get along. I’ve been in larger parties that have taken a serious turn for the worst. Plus, it ends up being a lot harder to plan different activities with bigger groups.

  5. You’ll get more emotional than you think. Let’s be honest… all your besties in one place planning a super special weekend for you? You’re bound to feel a bit overwhelmed by love. And on the opposite side of things, if you’re utterly obsessed with your hubby-to-be, you’ll probably start missing him when you hit that third day and feel some extra emotions on that front, too. And it’s totally okay! This is your weekend, you can cry if you want to. Lord knows I did!

What You Can Expect

All-in-all, no matter what emotions or part of planning blindsides you, this weekend will be one of the best of your life. Girls’ Trips are always amazing, but when they are centered around celebrating you and your marriage to the person you love most of all, it’s bound to be extra special.

So take some time and prepare yourself for the best weekend ever. I can’t wait to hear all about it!