5 Healthy Marriage Habits To Start During Your Engagement

Hey there, pretty brides! I hope you’ve all had a great week so far!

With less than one month left (AHHH!) until our big day, I took some time this weekend and a last week to finish the MILLIONS of vendor information forms, send out thank you cards and more. And yesterday, I took some “me time” to do some wedding look prep, snag my wedding day jewelry and Logan and I picked up our marriage license.

AND WOW. What a surreal feeling that was! There have been multiple times that this has really felt “real,” but nothing felt as real as this. Did I cry? You betcha!

As we get closer and closer to our wedding date, I’m feeling more confident than ever that this is the best decision either of us have made. Throughout our engagement, we not only worked on our wedding, but our relationship, too.

Near the beginning of our engagement, Logan and I dedicated ourselves to also getting in the right mindset for marriage. We’ve always had a strong relationship, strong communication and a passion for keeping our relationship healthy and happy. But never had we talked about how to put effort forth and the expectations we had for each other in marriage.

Today, I’m sharing some the 5 healthy marriage habits to start during your engagement, that Logan and I prioritized during our own engagement!

Healthy Marriage Habits to Start During Your Engagement

5 Healthy Marriage Habits to Start During Your Engagement

  1. Communicate Often - Communication has always been a strong suit of mine, but it’s something that we’ve had to work on as a couple in different ways. Logan is not a man of many words, and communicating his feelings isn’t really forte. So he’s really had to focus on being better about that. On my end, I’ve had to be more understanding of that! Where I’m a total oversharer - like why do you think I started a blog haha! - he isn’t. And it’s been difficult for me to feel comfortable with him being more reserved and taking longer to think through what he wanted to say. I felt a lot of insecurities at the beginning, but by focusing on our communication styles and understanding them, we’ve gotten to a much better place and met in the middle.

  2. Listen to One Another - This one seems so obvious and, again, we felt as though we were doing a good job of this before. But by voicing it as an action item for us as a couple, I think we’ve both gotten a lot better at really actively listening to one another instead of passively listening to one another. I feel as though I’ve learned so much about Logan over the past year by intentionally listening to the things he’s had to say during our engagement!

  3. Check-in With One Another - Life is busy, and then you add wedding planning on top of that. Sometimes it’s so easy to just get caught up in it all. Logan and I have really made it a point to check-in with one another each day. Just asking, what happened at work, where our stress level is out and how we can help one another regroup and move forward. It’s really helped us feel like a team versus two individuals in a relationship together.

  4. Have a Life Outside of Marriage - While our marriage is our priority, it’s so important to have a life, an identity, outside of husband and wife. This past year, we’ve allowed that to be party of our focus. We both believe that you have to be happy in your life as a whole, and you can’t rely on just one person or one aspect of your life for your happiness.

  5. Put One Another First - No matter what, we wanted to put one another and our relationship first in all of our decisions. It can be so easy to get caught up in life, but we made a promise to one another to actively consider one another and our relationship in all of our decisions.

There’s no recipe for marriage success, and by no means are we experts - especially since we aren’t even married yet haha! But these are the main items that we are actively putting at the forefront in our relationship to build a stronger marriage each day.

If you are married or engaged - what did you decide to focus on with your significant other? Let us know in the comments!


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