Neon Leopard Midi Skirt

Hey babes!

I’m so excited to be sharing my favorite skirt for summer with you all. I’ve posted this skirt a couple of times on Instagram, and received so many questions about it! I snagged this super cute skirt from Luxxe Apparel (use code: CHELSEA for $$$ off your order!)

Neon Pink Leopard Skirt

Neon Leopard Midi Skirt

So we all know a leopard midi was this spring’s big piece, right? I mean, there is even an Instagram profile dedicated to the thing! Haha!

However, if you want to stay ahead of the trend, anticipating how it is going to evolve, the regular leopard midi that everyone else is wearing is no longer going to cut it in your closet. So what’s the next evolution of spring’s “it” skirt? Just a twist on it, of course!

When looking for the perfect statement leopard midi skirt, you need to look for different styles (think added layers or ruffles), different colors (like my neon pink leopard midi skirt) or different patterns (look for bigger spots or bolder shapes).

If you’re ready to elevate your leopard midi skirt, take a look at a few of these options below!

Cool Leopard Midi Look
Pink Leopard Midi Look
Summer Style

Happy styling, babes!