Fashion Backpack

Hey there babes!

I’m so, so, so excited to share with you my recent obsession - my fashion backpack!

With fanny packs, clear bags, tiny purses, etc… handbags are having a major moment right now. And while I don’t think I can ever get on board with only carrying a purse that a mini trial-sized lipstick can fit in, I am HERE for a fashion backpack.

I mean, come on! A fashionable bag that you’re able to carry like a backpack? Instead of having to hold a clutch or get sore from carrying a giant purse? This is totally a trend I can get on board with. And I found the PERFECT one for us, babes!

Fashion Backpack

Summer Fashion Backpack

Listen, like I said above, I’m here for a fashion backpack. They combine chic and convenience like no. freaking. other. since Kate put pockets on her Fabletics leggings. #gamechanger

But I’m also not here for some of these gaudy as all hell backpacks girls are carrying around. To each her own, so I’m not shaming you girl, you do you. But for me, I always prefer just a sleek, simple look. Backpacks are a statement enough, so I like to keep it toned down.

While Target hasn’t uploaded mine to their website yet (GET WITH IT TARGET), I have linked a bunch of similar and chic options for you, all under $100 and most under $50! Get stoppable links at the bottom of this post!

Fashion Backpacks for Summer
Summer Fashion Backpack Ideas
How to Carry a Fashion Backpack

Tell me, are you into this fashion backpack trend? If not, what handbag trend are you digging and want to see me break down? Let me know in the comments!