Dad Shoe Trend

Hey there, babes!

Okay, let’s talk about one of this year’s most controversial trends… dad shoes. These chunky sneakers that your dad has been wearing since the 90s, have people taking sides. Fashion editors are literally writing and posting their opinions in the world’s biggest fashion mags, bloggers are posting videos on how to style them, Twitter has had multiple nights going crazy over them.

But despite the controversy, the dad shoe trend is still around. I have to admit, I’ve been on the fighting side - so anti these chunky shoes. But when I found this neutral $25 pair, I figured, I may as well go ahead and give them a try.

And here I am, obsessed.

Dad Shoe Trend

When I brought home this $25 pair, I expected to hate them, toss them in the back of my closet, and never wear them again. But when I put them on for dinner last Tuesday night, I became obsessed. All that chunky sole on them gives so much comfy goodness to your feet. They are incredibly light, comfortable and easy to wear.

I chose a more neutral pair because of what a statement these chunky sneaks already are - I didn’t want anything too crazy or eye-catching.

Chunky Neutral Sneakers | Dad Shoe Trend
Casual Look with Dad Shoes

I’m going to be honest, I don’t think this trend is going to be around forever. So I wouldn’t suggest going out and spending $100 on a pair. But I do see this dad shoe trend carrying us through summer and into fall, so snagging a cute pair on the cheaper end may add a fun twist to your casual wear!

Check out some of my favorite picks under $50 below!

What do you think about dad shoes? Where do you stand on this summer shoe trend?


Chunky Sneakers Under $25