Bridal Shower Looks for Every Bride

Hey babes! And happy #FashionFriday… combined with #WeddingWednesday?!?!?!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that last Saturday was my first of two Bridal Showers. And if you don’t, then what are you doing with your feed!? Girl, get over there and give A Girl, Her Life a follow!

Anyways… it was the most amazing day and everything I ever dreamed of! I’m so thankful to my mom, sister (MOH) and aunts for throwing the most perfect shower. Be on the lookout for a recap post in the days ahead with lots of photos (and some of the blooper pictures, because you know your girl can never stop talking at the bottom of this post!) I also have a couple of fun detail posts coming (like how to build your own bouquet bar!) so be sure to stay tuned and check back often for that!

But what you’re all really here for… While I was getting ready for my shower, I wrestled with what I wanted to wear and, of course, bought multiple outfits before settling on each one. I realized, each of these looks completely represented different versions of my versatile style. I love mixing things up, and the outfits that I had bought completely represented that. While I decided on one that really fit Logan and I as a couple, I think each of these looks is perfect for different brides so I had to share them with you!

Below each look there are shoppable images for you to click and go straight to that item to purchase. I also included similar pieces below each section to help you find the PERFECT look for your shape and style!

Bridal Shower Looks for Every Bride

The Classic Bride

This was the very first dress that I bought when we set the date of my shower. It is absolutely stunning, gals! I love the classic midi length, the gorgeously modest silhouette and the lace overlay detail. This dress is so bridal without being flashy, yet still commands your attention. When Logan and I were shooting it, I actually got stopped multiple times to be told how gorgeous it was.

I paired this dress with pink heeled sandals, pink earrings and a fun pink/clear purse for an extra pop.

Classic Bridal Shower Look

Classic Bridal Shower Look - Lace Dress
Lace Midi Dress for the Classic Bride

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The Edgy Bride

For my girls that like to throw a bit of a twist on your feminine look, I have the edgy bride look! This dress from Princess Polly Boutique has these gorgeous eyelet and ruffle details for a bridal, feminine look, but when paired with the right accessories (like these western style boots and a gold necklace - which lol I forgot to put on before I shot) has a bit of edge to it!

This look is perfect for my girls who want to stay true to their edgy, fun style while still making your family happy and feeling bridal. Also the below may be my favorite photo I’ve ever taken???

Edgy Bridal Shower Look

Bridal Shower Look for the Edgy Bride
Edgy Bridal Shower Look for Brides

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The Boho Bride

I adore this simple white dress, and can totally see myself in it for summer brunches, because of how versatile it is. In true boho style, this dress lets the accessories do the talking. So I paired it with my favorite neutral sandals, a straw hat and some statement jewelry to give it that bohemian vibe.

Boho Bridal Shower Look

Boho Bridal Look
Bridal Shower Look for Boho Bride

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The Non-Traditional Bride

Funny story… I put this look together in an actual panic a few days before my shower. Haha! I read a comment about a reality star in a Facebook Group along the lines of “for someone who isn’t a virgin, she sure is wearing a lot of white” on a picture from this reality personality’s bridal shower. I freaked out and started looking at alternative options for my own shower.

Whatever your reason for a non-traditional bridal look is - be it that white isn’t your color, you don’t want to give into the V-card history of it all or you just want to make a statement when you arrive - this look is a perfect one! NOTE: I also wore this to a wedding and it really is the perfect wedding guest look this summer! But on my way there, I was stopped and asked if a girl could take a picture of me to buy this dress for her own shower!

Non Traditional Bridal Shower Look

Non Trad Bridal Shower Look
Shower Look for Non Traditional Bride

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The Modern Bride

And finally… here’s the look I ultimately chose - the Modern Bride!

The last look I bought, as soon as I saw this jumpsuit on, I knew it was the one! Jumpsuits are the perfect modern silhouette. I loved where this one hugged on my waist, accentuating my natural body curve. The pure white + lace bodice elevated this bridal look from any other jumpsuit I found.

I paired this look with white, faux snakeskin heels and rose gold jewelry.

(I’m breaking down this look more in next week’s #WeddingWednesday post, so be sure to turn on IG post notifications to be notified when that post goes live!)

Modern Bridal Shower Look

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As you prep for your own bridal showers, I hope this post helps you find the perfect bridal style for you! I can’t wait to see pictures, so be sure to tag me on Instagram (@agirlherlife) so I can check it out!

Sending you all my love,