Best Apple Watch Bands

Hey there! So… you saw the “Apple Watch Spy Kids” meme, too, huh? You know the one… and if you haven’t, don’t worry, I included it below so you can be super paranoid like me.

Apple Watch Spy Kids

So that’s fun, huh? But don’t worry! I’ve scoured the internet to find the cutest and best rated Apple Watch bands out there so you can wear your Apple Watch with #NoShame!

Best Apple Watch Bands

Leopard Apple Watch Band

Leather Leopard Apple Watch Band

Amazon Best Apple Watch Bands

Other Best Apple Watch Bands

Apple Watch Review

I figured that, while you’re here, I’ll also give a totally honest Apple Watch review… just in case you are one of the people who is trying to decide whether or not to get one.

Honestly, is it a necessity? Absolutely not. However, I do really like mine! I feel as though it’s more accurate when fitness tracking and I like the reminders that it gives me. Plus, for competitive people like me, it connects with your friends’ Activity app through their Apple Watch and allow you to see where they are on their fitness goals! However, if you are just needing minimal fitness features, a Fitbit would do the trick for you (they even have the new Versa 2 that looks just like an Apple Watch!)

I really love the messaging features - that I can get notifications on my wrist and even easily send quick messages back. It’s great for when I’m in a meeting or at dinner and just need to keep track of what’s going on. I guess there are other smart watches out there that have this feature, but honestly I love how seamlessly Apple products sync together.

Lastly, I like the soft wake up that your watch can give you. I HATE waking up to an abrasive alarm. Like HATE HATE HATE it. So the light vibration that my watch wakes me up with is PERFECT!

So… do I think you NEED an Apple Watch? Nope. Do I like mine and feel as though its added convenience to my life? Absolutely!


I hope this helps you feel more comfortable wearing your Apple Watch, no matter what you’re wearing! Because you do you, girl! Happy shopping!