Versatile Pieces: 7 Ways to Style a Striped Midi Dress

Hey there babes! It’s finally another #FashionFriday!

I’m a big believer in finding a piece that works, and making it work for you in different ways so you avoid being an avid #outfitrepeater. So when you find something as versatile as this gorgeous striped dress, GIRL, find new ways to wear it! Save yourself some cash, contribute to the fashion industry’s pollution rate a little less and love the look you’ve got.

So I wanted to share with you a 7 ways to style my favorite striped midi dress from Modern Society. Ya’ll I love this dress for so many reasons, versatility is only one of them! It is lightweight, it is comfortable and it is so flattering on everyone!

7 Ways to Style a Striped Midi Dress

Photo Jun 08, 2 53 57 PM.jpg

So… before we dive in… what you’re going to need to make these looks your own. Below each style section, I’ve linked options to make each look your very own! These shoppable, linked images will provide A Girl, Her Life with a small portion of each sale (at no cost to you) when you purchase anything through these links. (Not just the linked product!) As always, when you make a purchase through one of my blog post links or a link on my Shop My Stores page, it is greatly appreciated! Every penny goes back into this blog and producing quality content just for you, boo boo! <3

So, let’s get started on these 6 ways to style a striped midi dress, shall we?

Casual Espadrilles Look

Photo Jun 08, 2 53 55 PM.jpg

Starting out super simple and easy here with a casual espadrilles look. This is absolutely my go-to with this dress because of how comfortable and effortlessly chic it is. I love belting this dress to provide a bit more figure to it (you’ll see it without the belting later on in this post). Being short, you know your girl loves a bit of lift in her shoes, so pairing this dress with some espadrilles is a no-brainer. They have this casual, slightly beachy look together, right?

90’s Chic

Photo Jun 09, 5 50 34 PM (1).jpg

Buckle sandals are back from the 90’s in a big way this summer and I. AM. LIVING. FOR. IT. I truly can’t get enough of these adorable big buckle sandals from Modern Society. (Shoutout to boo for getting them for my birthday!) And beyond the big buckle, these slides also bring in the animal print trend - meaning they are going to be a staple for summer, ladies! Snag ‘em while you can!

Again, I belted this look to elevate the dress a bit. It provides a more flattering figure.

Western Accents

Photo Jun 09, 6 01 19 PM (1).jpg

For this look, I literally paired all of my favorite things right now. You know I can never get enough of this hat - it’s basically part of my uniform at this point. And these booties are my latest obsession. I had been eyeing them from DSW for months before I finally bought them. Western details are going to carry us through fall, guarantee it, so I liked being able to grab these babies early before prices on western accessories go up!

Photo Jun 09, 5 58 54 PM (1).jpg

I love this look because it ads a little edge to this dress - you know I’m all about edgy, feminine looks. This outfit perfectly accomplishes that for me, and it’s a look you won’t see every other girl wearing.

Band Tee Babe

Photo Jun 20, 6 45 22 PM (1).jpg

Because would it really be a post by me if there wasn’t a band tee in it? (Shameless plug - be on the lookout for my band tee styling post coming next #FashionFriday!)

I am so incredibly happy that band tees are making their statement this year, so rep your favorite band with some white keds (or these adorable dupes for only $10!) for a casual Saturday look.

Beachy Vibes


This dress is perfect for throwing over your suit after hitting the beach and running to grab a bit to eat! Because of it’s loose fit and beachy stripes - I adore this dress for a gorgeous beach dinner!

Throw Some Denim On It

Photo Jun 20, 6 50 37 PM.jpg

Fun fact… I own entirely too many denim jackets. But I swear I wear them all! Throwing a denim jacket over anything takes it to the next level, IMO. If you’re in a hurry or looking for a good casual look for Sunday breakfast - this is your go-to!

Parisian Chic

I have to admit - I didn’t come up with this style header - my boss did! I wore this look to work the other day and she officially coined the term for this look haha! But it by far is the easiest look of the bunch - just slide on some mules and belt the dress and you’re basically set for Paris, girlfriend!

I styled it with both black and brown for some extra versatility!

You Should Be Buying Versatile Pieces

Give your bank a break, babe. Invest in some quality, versatile pieces that inspire you to style them in different, unique ways! If you take a look at a piece in store, and can picture in more than one way, that’s a piece that you should purchase over some one-season, kitschy pair of dad shoes. Not only will you save some $$$, you’ll feel inspired and excited when you open your closet each morning!

And while you’re here, I just want to encourage you to GO FOR IT. I wasn’t certain about this dress. When I put it on, it hung on me. I was pale (missed my weekly spray tan) and wearing booties that just didn’t work with the length. But I saw that western accented look when I looked at the dress. I wasn’t sure if it would work, but I wanted to give it a try.

So give the look a try! If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. But you felt inspired and you went for it, and you’ll feel more confident the next time. Because what’s the worst that happened? You just learned that it wouldn’t work!