Summer Sun Protection Must-Haves

Hey there, beauties!

With all of my recent travels, I’ve been having a lot of conversations with you babes about sun protection and skin health. So today I’m sharing with you all my summer sun protection must-haves!

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Summer Sun Protection Must-Haves

In early 2018, I noticed a couple of skin changes. The first thing was a dark spot under my left eye. Then I started noticing some changes in a mole on my upper stomach. I immediately called my doctor and scheduled an appointment to have it biopsied. Luckily, everything turned out fine and I was in the clear.

Shortly after, I found out that the darkening spot under my eye was a sun spot, again caused by harmful light rays. All of this got my butt in gear to better protect my skin from harmful light.

After tons of research, I started trying out Coola products because they are light-weight and breathable, they work hard to protect your skin and there are so many different products that you can build the perfect sun protection plan for your skin and preferences.

Summer Sun Protection Must-Haves

My Sun Protection Must-Haves

Coola Full Spectrum Light Protection
  1. Coola Sun Silk Drops - I use this amazing formula every. single. day. Whether I’ll be inside all day or out by the pool, I know that my skin needs and deserves full-spectrum light protection. Did you know that even the blue light from your phone or computer screen can be damaging to your skin!? I simply add a couple of drops of this light-weight, breathable formula to my moisturizer every morning. I use Kate Somerville Oil-Free Moisturizer so I’m not adding additional oils to my skin. The combination of the two doesn’t break my skin out or feel too heavy and/or oily!

  2. Coola Continuous Spray SPF 50 (Sport) - I love that this spray sunscreen comes in multiple scents (because we aren't an overly boujee household, Logan and I use the same sunscreen. And he prefers unscented.), is light-weight and doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky or oily while still providing an excellent barrier of protection!

  3. Coola Mineral Face SPF w/ a Matte Tint - This is actually the product that got me hooked on Coola for all of my summer sun protection needs! It is such a light-weight and breathable formula that leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and protected. This is the ONLY sunscreen that doesn’t make either Logan or I break out from using it. Plus, it has a perfect, light, matte tint that makes me feel photo ready without having my face on. Logan uses the unscented formula, but I actually love the cucumber scent!

  4. Coola Er+ Radical Recovery After Sun Lotion - After a long day in the sun, I always finish off the day with this after sun lotion. It’s packed with aloe and powerful antioxidants that help my skin avoid getting overly heated and red, keeping my skin glowing and happy! And times that I have ended up suffering from a burn because I didn’t reapply or underestimated the sun in a different location, this lotion has prevented any drying out and peeling. It’s truly a miracle product during the summer!

I hope that this post helps you stay #glowing for the rest of this summer and in the years to come! Enjoy your pool day, babes!


Summer Sun Protection Must-Haves