My Morning Skincare Routine

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One of my most asked questions via DM is about my skin/makeup routine. Ya'll, I am NO expert. But I have experimented with countless brands for YEARS. Seriously, from the time that I went to college, I started trying new brands and products out to transition away from my pre-teen, acne-ridden skin. And unfortunately, it took me until about ~25 to find the perfect mix that works for me and just tinker with that for the past few years. And before I jump into the products/tools that I use for my morning skincare routine, I want to give you all a couple of quick tips on finding the perfect routine for you!

Tips to Find Your Routine

While I'm sharing my personal favorites with you, it's important for you to experiment and find what is best for you.

  1. Sign up for a subscription box! I was an avid subscriber to multiple beauty boxes including Birchbox and Sephora Play. This is a great way to experiment with different products on a VERY cheap basis to learn what works well for you. Subscription boxes were the foundation for my experimentation. I learned what brands had products that worked for my skin type and my price range, and went from there.

  2. Ask for samples! A little known fact - if you reach out to brands, most will provide you with samples of products that you are wanting to try. I mean, why wouldn't they? They are disposable products that if you love, you purchase again! For YEARS, I have contacted various brands and tried samples of products that I was interested in to find ones that I was in love with.

  3. Don't settle for an okay result! I feel as though this is a trap most women fall into - they settle for an "okay" result instead of what their end goal for their skin is. There IS a product out there that has active ingredients that will match up with your skin's chemical makeup.

  4. Do your research! There are so many aspects to skincare products, do your research and find out what is important to you? Are you dedicated to your products not being tested on animals? Do you want/need to avoid certain ingredients? Find out which brands align with those goals and start there!

  5. One person's holy grail is not another's. While I'm sharing my holy grail products with you to potentially give options to try, they may not be YOUR holy grails - so don't get caught up in those products that are always hyped up until you try it!

My Morning Skincare Routine

My skin is combination (oily and dry) year-round. Therefore, I have been fairly acne prone until I found the right products for my skin. Since, while following this routine (along with my night time routine) I have suffered minimal acne while also fighting signs of aging.

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Cleanser Daily Foaming Wash

I love KS's ExfoliKate line more than I could ever comprehend. I've always used drugstore washes because I felt as though if I spent money on serums it would bridge the gap. As soon as I started using KS's ExfoliKate Cleanser Daily Foaming Wash, my skin changed.

I love that it is a foaming wash, so I know that I'm covering all my face bases. It combines two AHA's - glycolic and lactic acids - with fruit enzymes so that it isn't overly drying. It has no sulfates, no parabens and no phthalates.

Dr. Brandt+ PoreDermabrasion Pore Perfecting Exfoliator

Dirt and grime gets trapped in your pores, under dead skin, and cause impurities. So it is VITAL to acne prone skin that exfoliating is part of your skincare routine.

Dr. Jart is probably one of the most well-known skin care brands because IT.FREAKING.WORKS. So when I first tried a sample of the PoreDermabrasion Pore Perfecting Exfoliator, I had high hopes... that were met.

Dr. Jart boasts a unique, chemical make-up for a professional grade exfoliator that reduces oiliness, dullness and imperfectly clogged pores.Also made without sulfates, parabens and phthaltes, this ~twice a week exfoliator leaves your skin feeling like a baby's bottom!

Sunday Riley Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment

Now, I know I said don't trust the hype. But I was always like "HELL NO" to spending money on this stuff, despite how amazing I heard it was. I mean, $160... that's a lot of money. But I PROMISE you, this is the product that has made the biggest difference in my skin.

I first tried Good Genes through a sample I received in my Sephora Play box. I was impressed but I wanted to try it longer. So I reached out to get another sample that lasted another 30 days... and I was HOOKED. I went through a period where I ended up trying cheaper options, but never found anything that made such a difference in my complexion. Not only was I not breaking out as much, I finally had a gorgeous, even glow in my skin.

Clinically tested to improve fine lines and wrinkles, and again, made without parabens, sulfates and phthalates, this stuff WORKS WONDERS.

Kate Somerville Wrinkle Warrior Eye Gel Visible Dark Circle Eraser

Logan and I both suffer from droopy looking eyes, only made worse by dark circles - what can we say, we lack sleep because we're always on the go! However, it is something that bothers both of us deeply so we finally starting trying to tackle the problem. After trying COUNTLESS products, we both fell in love with the results we've been seeing from Kate Somerville's Wrinkle Warrior line, the Eye Gel Visible Dark Circle Eraser.

I love that it is lightweight, cooling and instantly reduces puffiness and dark circles, while in the long run, reducing signs of aging like wrinkles. I also love that, again, it is free of parabens, sulfates and phthlates, especially when being applied around my eyes!

Kate Somerville Oil Free Moisturizer

What can I say, I found a brand that works hard for my skin! If you couldn't tell, I love Kate Somerville products and it all started with one moisturizer. No, not this one, the Exfolikate Glow Moisturizer is actually what sold me. But after introducing serums into my routine, I noticed that it just wasn't working well together and made the transition to oil-free.

Free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates and fragrances, KS's moisturizer leaves my skin feeling firm and smooth after use. I never feel oily (DUH) or needing more moisture throughout the day.

Michael Todd Beauty Sonic Eraser Pro

My latest obsession is my Sonic Eraser Pro from Michael Todd Beauty. And I'm so excited to say they've recently launched their collection with Neiman Marcus!

The Sonic Eraser Pro uses what they call "Triplex Infusion Technology to help infuse your skin with the active ingredients in your products. This consists of thermal heating to open your pores, pulsating movements help massage the product into your skin and then, finally, all the science happens as it uses your body as a circuit to pull the skincare into the epidermis! TBH I really don't know what the last part means, but I do know it has helped make a huge difference in my skin! I can feel that my skin has better absorbed the product and leaves less tacky residue on my face before applying my makeup each morning!

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Routine, Routine, Routine.

My last piece of advice as your tie down your own skincare routine, it is seriously all about the routine! Make sure you are using your products daily, as instructed, to really understand the long-term effects of them. Then, once you find a product you love, stick with that routine to maximize the benefits!

To see these products in action, check out my latest IGTV on Instagram! I'm walking you through each of these products and showing you how I use them each morning. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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