My Experience with Neurotoxin Injections

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This post should not substitute for advice given by a qualified skincare professional. Be sure to reach out to a local skincare specialist before pursuing neurotoxin injections!

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What Are Neurotoxin Injections

What are neurotoxin injections? Neurotoxin injections are primarily used to reduce fine lines and facial wrinkles. Neurotoxins are most commonly referred to as "Botox," however, Botox is actually just one of the brands of neurotoxin injections. There are actually multiple brands that you can choose from - dependent upon what you want. So be sure to chat through all of your options with your skincare specialist!

Why should you consider neurotoxin injections? It is actually completely dependent upon your level of comfortability with the process. Many people start getting the injections when they start noticing fine lines on their face or have other cosmetic or medical issues such as a lazy eye, hyperhidrosis, or migraines.

My Experience with Neurotoxin Injections

Personally, I started reaching out to AesthetiCare and scheduled my FREE, one-hour consultation with the end-goal of hearing more about this service and if it was the right time for me to think about injections (but I ended up learning so, so much more about my skin!)

I talked through my concerns with the skincare specialist and, after going through these really cool, slightly disturbing (haha!) filtered photos (see mine below!), she suggested we talk about starting neurotoxin injections.

As many of you know, I just got married (AHHH!) and I was nervous about having all those big, high definition cameras in my face, showing off every blemish and wrinkle. Your girl gets stress breakouts HARD, unfortunately, and I knew that I, unfortunately, wouldn’t be able to control that. however, I could work with AesthetiCare to control my fine lines.

Visia Consultation Photos

When I went in for my neurotoxin injection appointment, I really didn’t know much of what to expect. Sure, I had done my research via other blogs and medical spa sites, but still… someone coming at your face with a needle can be intimidating!

We talked through my end-goals - look youthful, yet natural and expressive. And my nurse then walked me through the process, the after-care and the follow-up appointment!

The Neurotoxin Injection Process

I’m going to start out by saying that you’re probably assuming that it hurts - I mean, needles going into your forehead??? I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t shaking a bit as I saw her getting set up. I totally believed the same thing! But girl! This was seriously the least painful procedure! There were a couple of places that felt like a slight pinch (which, fun fact, is actually the neurotoxins working, not the breaking of the skin!), but most of the injections sites, I couldn’t even feel!

We injected neurotoxins in a couple of different places - I didn’t have too many since my lines were very fine and it is mostly preventive at this point. We used 21 units - the amount you can receive through our giveaway - enter here! But the overall procedure took about 30 minutes, including my nurse giving me all the information, all the signing of forms and all of my questions! Seriously - quick, easy and painless!

At the end of your appointment, you’ll schedule a follow-up about two weeks out. This is an opportunity for you to get back in front of your nurse for her to evaluate your results with your input, of course! At mine, we decided to do another two injection sites closer to my hairline due to some wrinkles still showing when I would move my face.


The Neurotoxin Injection After-Care

After ensuring that you have a qualified nurse injecting your neurotoxins, the next most important part is ensuring you are properly doing your due diligence to follow your skincare partner’s aftercare instructions. Your local MedSpa should provide you with a comprehensive list of aftercare instructions that you should absolutely follow to a “T”, however, here are the top five to keep in mind!

  1. Don’t apply product, get a facial, or run the injection site area for at least one hour after the procedure!

  2. You may get a headache after the injections - that’s completely normal. Take a pain medication, but be sure to follow aftercare tip #3!

  3. Don’t lie down! This was the one I was most paranoid about! Lying down can actual cause the neurotoxins to move from the injection site and can result in undesired effects (such as a droopy eyelid!) You shouldn’t lie down for at least 5 hours.

  4. Avoid high-heat situations for at least five hours. This means no tanning beds, saunas or hot showers! This helps minimize the risk of bruising.

  5. Call your skincare provider with any questions or concerns! They are the BEST source of information!

My Neurotoxin Injections Results

The moment you’ve all been waiting for… my neurotoxin injections results! (Drumroll please…! Don’t tell me you didn’t do a little drumroll inside your head!)

Neurotoxin Example 2.png
Neuroxin Example 1.png

Ya’ll, I couldn’t be happier with my results! As I said earlier in this post, my goal was to look youthful but natural. On my wedding day, I absolutely felt exactly that!

Overall, the whole process with AesthetiCare was an amazing one - I’m so happy that I chose this local MedSpa as my skincare partner!

Be sure to check out their YouTube channel to check out their recap video of my neurotoxin injections and learn more about this painless procedure! And, be on the lookout because we’re working together to answer the top 10 questions that I’ve received during this process!

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My Experience With Neurotoxins