What To Expect During Your Medical Spa Consultation

Hey there, pretty girls! Today I am soooo excited to recap my recent consultation with a skincare professional for you in today’s blog post! I’ll be sharing my experience with a local MedSpa and what you should look for in your own skin health partner, a teaser for what you can expect in the upcoming months and what to expect during your consultation with a skincare professional!

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What To Expect During Your Medical Spa Consultation

When you sign up for a free, 1-hour skin care consultation at Aestheticare MedSpa, you can basically expect it to be a full on learning experience about your skin! During my initial consultation, I learned so many things about my skin and daily routine that have completely changed my skincare plan from here on out!

Meeting Your MedSpa

Medical Spa Consultation

When I was looking for my skincare partner, I wanted a medical spa that was dedicated to educating their staff, staying up to date on the latest treatment options and provides a variety of different treatment services! The consultation started with a full background on AesthetiCare and the treatments that they provide, ensuring me that I was in the most educated, expert MedSpa in the Kansas City area! I instantly felt comfortable and at ease with my decision to come in and meet with them.

At this point, it’s important to learn about the different treatment options that your MedSpa provides, what kind of technology they have, ask about their commitment to staying on top of current trends and education. If there’s something specific you want to know about - ask questions! This is a great opportunity for you to learn if this is the right MedSpa for you!

Get To Know Your Skin

After I was introduced to AesthetiCare, we talked about my skincare concerns, my skincare goals and walked through my current daily/weekly/monthly skincare routine. Luckily, my routine was in a good place (whew - I was nervous about that) but it was good to know where there were opportunities for improvement (like adding Vitamin C oil to my morning routine!)

Once we talked through my skincare routine, we took photos of my bare skin and my nurse applied different filters to them to better showcase common skincare concerns like:

  • Wrinkles

  • Redness

  • Dark Spots

  • Acne

  • Pores

Medical Spa Consultation Face Scans

My nurse and I went through each of the photos and discussed approximately where my skin was in compared to other women of my age and approximate skin tone. This lead into our conversation about next steps.

Why You Should Schedule a Free Medical Spa Consultation

I truly believe everyone should take advantage of a local MedSpa’s free 1-hour consultation with a skincare professional! I learned so much about my skin, including a major skincare concern that I can work now to prevent from worsening (more on that later!)

By taking a look at the filtered photos of my face, we were able to lay out a plan of action, both in and out of the MedSpa. By scheduling your own Medical Spa consultation, you’re going to come out of it more educated and more comfortable in your own skin. If there are any skin concerns that are beginning to present themselves, you can catch them early (like I did!) and start working towards prevention.

What to Look for in a Medical Spa

When looking at local MedSpas, there are three key things that I believe you should take into consideration:

  • Education - I think it is incredibly important to ensure that your chosen skincare partner is dedicated to educating their staff on the latest trends and treatments. In today’s society, new beauty trends are forever emerging, and I think it’s important that your chosen skincare partner is able to breakdown truth versus myth and offer the most advanced treatment options. AesthetiCare really impressed me on this point! They’re so dedicated to education, they’re actually a learning facility for other Medical Spas and skincare professionals!

  • Technology - Along the same lines as education, new treatment technology advancements are always being made. It’s important to me that my chosen Medical Spa is committed to having the best technology out there for me. AesthetiCare actually owns 37 FDA-approved devices, making me feel confident in their investment back into my skin!

  • Treatment Options - I, personally, want to be able to have one skincare partner. One Medical Spa to go to for all my concerns. So when looking into Medical Spas, I wanted one that had experience across the board. AesthetiCare has one of the most robust service lists in the aesthetic market right now!

What’s Next?

So you’ve had your initial Medical Spa consultation, you received your potential treatment plan from your skincare professional, but what’s next?

I took my list home, complete with plan prices, and started determining what was right for me based on my short and long-term skin goals and budget.

For me… over the next couple of months, you can expect to see some content concerning my pre-wedding treatment plan and how I plan to look my best on my big day, as well as follow along with my journey tackling melasma (which I was made aware of during my free, 1-hour consultation!)

Unfortunately, aesthetic treatments still seem to be a taboo topic for many people. So I’m excited to share this journey and my experiences with all of you! To me, it is completely okay to do what you need to do to feel comfortable, confident and happy in your own skin! And I’m looking forward to having that conversation with all of you! <3

If you have any questions about AesthetiCare, Medical Spas, Medical Spa Consultations, or different treatment options, please drop a comment below! I’ll be sure to work with my skincare partner to get you the answers you need! And if you are in the Kansas City area, I highly suggest scheduling your own Medical Spa consultation with AesthetiCare! You absolutely won’t regret taking the 1 hour to learn more about your own skin!


What To Expect During Your Medical Spa Consultation