Life Update: April 2019

Hi hunni bunnies.

It’s been a while since I provided a life update, and things have been crazy lately, so I wanted to pop on and just let you know where things are in life.

Ya’ll, I have been blessed with all the reasons to be stressed lately. Things have really kicked off in multiple areas of life and while I feel so unbelievably blessed to have so much going on, I’ve also had consistent stress breakouts and multiple stress cries lately. It’s been tough and I’ve needed a lot of mental health days when there aren’t a lot of days to spare.

Work Update:

Many of my repeat readers know that this blog is just a side gig for me. I actually work full-time as a social media marketer for a marketing agency.

I.LOVE.MY.JOB. When I’m asked if I my end goal of this blog is for it to be full-time, I say absolutely not. Why? Because I truly love what I do day in and out, and want to continue with my career. If you would have asked me a year ago (lol before I even launched), I was lost in my career - not in love with what I was doing. And then I made a switch in May and I couldn’t be happier.

That being said, holy crap! My accounts have been BOOMING. #BlessedAndStressed Work has been super busy and constantly go, go, go, preventing me from popping on Insta throughout the day to say hi to ya’ll.

And sometimes, after a busy day, the last thing that I want to do is get back online to work on a blog post or edit photos. But that’s the name of the game.

Photo Apr 07, 3 40 33 PM.jpg

Wedding Planning Update:

Secret time: I have been neglecting wedding planning. Which absolutely terrifies me… with just over 4 months left until the big day, I know there is still so much to do!

However, we do have the majority of our wedding vendors locked down (YAY). But I definitely need to lock down hair and makeup and some of those fun “extras.”

Secret time: Unfortunately, this is probably the thing in life that has been causing the most stress, which honestly makes me so sad. Everyone has always said that I was going to be such a good bride - that I’d have everything done and planned right away, that things would go smoothly and look perfect. But here’s the problem - I only get to do this once. And I keep second guessing EVERYTHING. And then there’s the budget. While I am a flashier person and like all the extras, Logan isn’t. So everything we spend on, I ask myself “Is this worth it?” which has caused a lot more second guessing and ultimately inaction.

My goal for May is to be more invested in wedding planning because, like I said, I only get to do this once. And more than anything, I want to enjoy this stage of life with my boo.

Well… that was tough to put on the proverbial paper.

Blogging Update:

Things with this blog have really taken steps forward. In just under 3 months, I’ll have been blogging for a year which is so crazy.

Instagram is a highlight reel, ya’ll. It doesn’t show all the hard work that I put in each day to get that one post out. I spend ~3 hours on this blog on top of my job, volunteering, wedding planning and life. Some nights, that means I am up until 1 am finalizing edits to a post or getting the photos blog ready.

On top of it, Insta has been hating my content lately? Like WTF. Some days, this gets frustrating, I’m doing everything I’m supposed to. But here we are, Insta not allowing even a 16th of my Instagram followers see my posts. And as annoyed as I am, I know that blaming “the big bad algorithm” isn’t going to do anything.

However, I am seeing that hard work paying off through brand collabs and a growing audience! Which is so encouraging. So THANK YOU for being here, reading this and supporting me and this blog.

Photo Apr 07, 3 40 32 PM.jpg


Overall life update: things are good, stressful, but good! And I know I haven’t been posting as consistently as I should be on here, after all this is my owned space. But I’m taking stock of life and the commitments that I’ve made to determine what is feeding my soul and what isn’t so I can dedicate more time and effort to you all and this brand.

Anyways, that’s where everything is and what’s all going on. Thanks for reading this rambling on, practically a journal entry. Love you bunches for being here.