Hair Extensions FAQs

Hey there, hunny! Today I’m answering YOUR questions about hair extensions! A few weeks ago, I asked my audience on Instagram and Facebook what they wanted to know about hair extensions. I’ve chatted with my stylist, Sadie from Delphinium Salon, to bring you the answers to all those Hair Extensions FAQs!

Hair Extensions FAQs Before
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Hair Extensions FAQs

Here are your top 10 most asked questions about my hair extensions!

  1. What kind of extensions did you get? After lots of research and talking with my stylist, I ended up getting natural beaded weft extensions put in. Find out more about this method in my latest extensions blog post here!

  2. Do extensions do damage to your hair? Let’s be honest, anything that you do to your hair causes damage, and hair extensions are no different. However, the level of damage depends upon your hair type, the extension type and your stylist’s skill level. I chose natural beaded wefts because this particular method is low damage. However, all the different methods have pros and cons. Would you be interested in a post comparing the different methods?

  3. How much do extensions cost? Again, this is a totally variable question (sorry! Haha! You guys asked a lot of variable questions - but I swear there are more concrete answers in some of these!) The cost of your extensions will depend upon the type of method you go with for installation, the stylist that will be installing them and your hair goals (length and fullness). I spent about $600 on my extension wefts and the installation.
    Extensions can be expensive, however, it is an investment that I am so glad I made. It’s important to remember that, when it comes to extensions, cost is reflective of quality. The method that I went with is one of the more expensive methods of installation, however I chose it because it was the best option for me, my hair and my hair goals. Additionally, it’s important to know that it is an ongoing investment - you’ll have to have your extensions moved up as your hair grows out.

  4. Does the installation process hurt? Not at all - no matter the method! I had the most likely to be painful method and it was actually a relaxing experience having them done!

  5. What’s the difference between natural beaded rows (NBR) and natural beaded wefts? Ya’ll, literally nothing. LOL Basically you have to be certified through one specific school to say that you are installing natural beaded rows. The natural beaded weft installation process is the exact installation process and result!

  6. Can I wash and style my hair like normal with extensions? Absolutely! You can wash and style your hair the same ways as you did before with extensions! A few things that I noticed:
    - Your hair will obviously be heavier when wet, so when washing your hair, you’ll want to be careful to not cause any breakage at the roots where the extensions are sewn in, since when wet is when your hair is the weakest and most prone to breakage.
    - You want to be sure to thoroughly rinse shampoo and conditioner out of your hair - even mores than before! Buildup can easily happen under the tracks, especially at the beginning when they are tighter to your scalp, and it can be VERY itchy! So spend a couple more minutes under the water rinsing your hair out!
    - You want to ensure you have the proper products to take care of your extensions so they last longer and you get your $ worth! Be on the lookout for upcoming blog posts outlining my stylist’s tips for taking care of your extensions and sharing the products that I use to care for mine! Learn more about my experience after my installation here!

  7. Should I try clip in extensions before a longer-term extension? My opinion from experience? Yes! I had clip in extensions for about a year, and liked them, but hated installing them every time I wanted to wear them. It was a great introduction to the weight of extensions and the time to style them.
    The benefits of clip in extensions are that you can just install them when you want to, there is usually minimal damage from them, the installation is super easy and you don’t have to worry about showering with them.
    The cons of clip in extensions are that you have to take installation time each time you want to install them, they don’t last as long, and washing them is a total pain in the butt.
    Overall, I think they are a GREAT introduction and almost trial to more long term methods!

  8. How long will my extensions last? Like the first few questions, this is super variable depending on the kind of extension and how well you take care of them. However, I think in general, most extensions last between 6 - 12 months. My clip in extensions lasted 8 months (not worn every day) and my natural beaded weft extensions should last up to 12 months.

  9. Which method should I use? This is TOTALLY up to you and your stylist! Each method of installation has different pros and cons, and it is totally about your hair type and your hair goals! I suggest talking to your stylist about potentially getting extensions and let them talk you through the process. This question got me to thinking, and I’m going to work on a blog post about this very topic and the conversations that you should have with your stylist!

  10. Can I put my hair up? LOL MY PARTY PONY GIRLS! I’ll be honest, for the first two weeks, I couldn’t. However, after my tracks grew out a bit, I’ve had no problem since! I’ve seen mixed accounts across the board, but from my experience, you shouldn’t have any problem after the tracks loosen a bit!

If you haven’t already, read all about my experience with natural beaded wefts and see my amazing hair transformation! And be sure to sign up for my newsletter to ensure you get notified when I post additional extension tips and tricks to help you care for your own!


Hair Extension FAQs