7 Ways To Use Bumble That Aren't Finding A Date

Hey there, Babes, and happy Tuesday!

Let’s be real, making friends/networking as an adult is TOUGH. After you graduate from college, you and your friends end up moving all over the place, and all of a sudden you are out in the world with no structure to develop new connections. That’s why I love Bumble!


You may be thinking - that’s why you love a dating app? But Bumble is seriously so much more than just a regular dating app (I could write a whole blog post about how even Bumble Date is different than most dating apps!) But, since I’m engaged to be married, I’m obviously not on Bumble Date. However, I do use the two other functions of Bumble - Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz.

Bumble BFF is Bumble’s friend networking function. It works the same way as Bumble Date, but is for people looking to meet new friends. Bumble Bizz is Bumble’s business networking function. It also works the same as Bumble Date and Bumble BFF, but with special profile functionality for people looking to grow their business connections.

So ya’ll, you don’t have to be looking for a date to download and use Bumble! In fact, I’m sharing 5 ways to use Bumble that AREN’T finding a date!

7 Ways To Use Bumble That Aren’t Finding A Date

  1. Finding New Friends - Bumble BFF is specifically built to help you meet people looking to build friendships! Within the past year, Bumble even released new filters so you can really define the kind of friend you are looking for.

  2. Finding a Workout Partner - Let’s be honest, getting the motivation to go workout when you have an accountability partner is so much easier! That’s where one of those new filters comes in handy - you simply check that you are looking for a workout partner and VOILA! You’re connecting with women who are looking for the same! This also goes for travel buddies, roommates, and kid playdates as well!

  3. Network with Business Connections - Bumble Bizz is ready and waiting to help you make business connections! Again, with filters built in to help you find colleagues looking for similar things, Bumble is taking those big, awkward networking events online to a safer environment.

  4. Expand Your Personal Brand - With this blog, it’s important that I am always developing my personal brand and expanding that brand’s reach. So in both profiles, I have my blog and Instagram linked! Why? Because on Bumble BFF, women that I connect with could have an interest in my content. On Bumble Bizz, I like potential partnerships to be able to see my brand and get a feel for who I am easily and upfront.

  5. Create Business Partnerships - After you get to swiping, you’ll start chatting with potential partners to help build your workload, brand or collaborations! I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a couple of local b usiness owners that I’m now collaborating with through Bumble Bizz!

  6. Find Blog/Event Sponsors - If you’re looking to develop your blog, event or non-profit, you’ll need sponsors. And Bumble Bizz is a great place to meet people who understand the importance of those connections!

  7. Find Unique Experiences - In all three functions, Bumble provides extra experience cards for you to swipe right on. Sometimes these are tickets to major events, traveling around the world, meeting an A-lister or a unique internship opportunity. These experiences are exclusive to the Bumble App!

Through Bumble BFF, I’ve been able to meet new, amazing friends in Kansas City and expand my network! I’ve also used Bumble Bizz to develop my personal brand, create smart business partnerships and network with colleagues in the social media space!

Dating apps were such an innovative idea in 2012. But Bumble has taken it to the next level and provides features to meet everyone’s needs, not just singles’. If you haven’t already, check it out! Download Bumble, create your profiles and see who you connect with!